We are extremely proud to have teams that possess extensive experience within the telecoms sector.

We have wealth of experience and expertise working in the most remote and challenging locations throughout the UK.

All our engineers are fully qualified and accredited to carry out Installation, Maintenance, Commissioning and Testing of all AC and DC electrical systems associated with the telecoms sector. In addition, all teams have full training and PPE equipment to work on rooftops which provides a
well-rounded service.

We have a design team which have been involved in designing and validating electrical schematics for all operators and vendors across the telecoms market. All electrical designs and works fully comply to BS7671.

Our design team are also full accredited to survey and design all new Lightning Protection Systems to align with BS EN62305.

Specialist Design
The electrical design services provided by MAC Network Services set us apart from our competitors. We possess the capability to offer innovative power solutions and cutting-edge electrical design for telecom infrastructure.

Our design team is led by Bill Young (MIET), the Technical Director at MAC Network Services., where he plays a key role in electrical design and innovation for telecom infrastructure. With extensive experience in electrical engineering and consultancy services, Bill has collaborated with major telecom operators such as Vodafone, Telefonica, EE, and MBNL. He has also been instrumental in the development of MODECSOFT Electrical OM, an electrical design software program with vast capabilities.

Bill Young’s expertise in electrical engineering encompasses various areas, including the reduction of overall power consumption, optimisation of stored energy utilisation through DSR (Demand Side Response), and the design and development of customised hybrid generator sets tailored to specific applications. He has also offered invaluable technical guidance to network operators on various electrical engineering issues.


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