Over the years, we have focused on bringing key members of MAC Networks together to form today’s dynamic team.

Join us and you’ll help us to keep innovating.

Your involvement will play a crucial role in developing platforms, products and services that help empower not only the UK, but the world. 

Apprenticeship Scheme 

Most people begin their electrical career through an apprenticeship. Once you are taken on board, you will work alongside qualified electricians who have years of experience in the telecom industry. Unlike other types of electrical apprenticeships, our apprentices will work with both AC and DC Power Systems and align with the rigging and civils teams on various telecom build projects across the country.

At MAC, being an apprentice means you will receive full and continued support, not only during your on-the-job training but also while you spend time at college. The journey, lasting around 3-4 years dependant on the individual, culminates in you becoming not just an Installation Electrician, but a Telecoms Electrician/Engineer with valuable experience and skillset, leading you forward in to an ever-evolving industry.

Here’s what our team had to say about working at MAC:

You don’t feel like just a number, like other companies I have worked for. I feel that everyone at MAC is easily approached.
I appreciate the team the company has assembled, the new office and facilities and I appreciate the honesty in the way we go about our activities.
If I have any questions about a problem on-site, I know I can pick up the phone and get the help I need. If I need any support or time off for some reason, the workplace is very understanding about it. Most people can have a laugh and a joke, but when the time comes to be serious, we can be.
The progress I’ve seen the company make in the two years I have been here is so rewarding, it’s been a difficult road at times and has been a massive team effort, both by the back-office teams and our field staff.
I love the travel and seeing parts of the country that most people wouldn’t get to see.

Graduate Program 

The Graduate Program plays a crucial role in the growth of MAC Network Services. We seek graduates not only with an engineering background but also those holding degrees or postgraduate qualifications in STEM subjects.

As a Graduate Project Engineer, you will be actively involved in the day-to-day management of projects. The program, typically lasting for 2 years, offers full support. During this time, you will gain experience across all our departments, including Electrical, Rigging, and Civils. We will also support you in obtaining the necessary professional qualifications, assisting in your development and achievement within the field.

Our aim at MAC is to provide a strong foundation for a successful career in the telecom industry, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

Thanks to working in a growing firm with a national reach, it hasn’t taken very long for me to gain a comprehensive insight into the telecommunications industry. This is due to being given a role with diverse responsibilities, where I am accountable for various aspects of key projects. As a result, my development at MAC has been much faster than it otherwise would have been at a larger firm’

George M. Electrical Project Engineer