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Hi Gavin


We would like to invite you to join us in the Thornton Suite at Ibrox Stadium for the Rangers v St. Johnstone clash - 7.45pm KO on Wednesday, 15th December.


Order of the day:

Meet 4.45pm and enter through the Main Doors up the famous Marble Staircase to a Champagne Reception in the Members Lounge and a tour of the Trophy Room.


We then take our table in the Thornton Suite where we will be served a 4-course meal, drinks and the chance to meet some of the Ibrox Legends that have played a part in the World Breaking 55 League Titles.


Out to take our seat in the stadium then back in at half time for a Pie and some 'refreshments' then back out for the second half.


At full time its back to the Thornton Suite for many more drinks.....!


It's a fantastic day which not even the score can put a damper on so, we hope you can join us.

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